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The location of the villa is interesting, surrounded by beautiful wooded hills with an endless selection of undemanding sports activities in the mountains, the possibility of visiting historic towns, castles and chateaux.  Or you can just relax in our romantic garden of a 19th-century villa.

Terezin Spa Dubí

The spa began to develop in Dubí after 1862, when Diana's Spa and later the Hydrotherapy Institute of Dr. Brechera. In 1879, Thomas Nowak built a new spa named after his wife Terezina. In 1882, all the spas were acquired by Prince Edmund Clary ‑ Aldringen, who further expanded and improved them. At present, Tereziny lázně focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal and nervous system.



Nature, sports, monuments and Ore Mountains hospitality. 

Recreational and spa area Altenberg in the Ore Mountains  is known for various possibilities of tourist, sports or cultural activities.  Come and play sports with us, actively relax or just laze in the spa.  In winter you can go skiing with us and there is a real paradise for cross-country skiers. Offers for leisure and holidays in every season offer the opportunity to experience pure nature, learn about the history of mining, actively participate in sports or regenerate during a spa stay or health vacation.  All this 365 days a year!


Sport Centrum Bouřňák

The Sport Centrum Bouřňák ski resort is located in the Mikulov and Moldava municipalities in the Ore Mountains. Bouřňák (869 m above sea level) is one of the highest peaks in the Eastern Ore Mountains.

Bouřňák offers excellent snow conditions and therefore six slopes have been built here, which will surely satisfy both beginners and experienced skiers. Moderately advanced skiers can improve on the Hrobská ski slope (which is the only one on the southern slope) and for demanding skiers the Bouřňák ski resort has prepared a Slalom slope, which is one of the steepest slopes in the Czech Republic. However, even demanding skiers will appreciate the exceptional view of the picturesque landscape of the Bohemian Central Mountains on the lighter Hrobská ski slope.

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